Honolulu, Hawaii

Your work is really important to you.  You take pride in your accomplishments and want to do your best. A little bit of stress may have increased your productivity in the past but right now stress and anxiety are getting in your way.

It feels like you’re working all the time!

You are “what iffing” all day and night and imagining the worst. It’s really difficult to put down the phone or turn off your laptop and even harder to find an OFF button for your thoughts.  The important people in your life are letting you know they want more of you. You wonder how you can find the time for everyone and everything.

Liza Wacker offers therapy both in person and online to address depression and anxiety

You want to find calm in the chaos.

You want to feel peace even when your life is very busy.  Your dream is to be able to enjoy your work and your relationships and find some space for you to meet your needs.

How can therapy help?

Therapy can help you identify the beliefs, thoughts, and actions underlying your stress and anxiety.  You can shake that never-ending “I’ll feel better when…” You’ll gain skills to help you ask for what you want and need, manage conflict in relationships, create a strategy for making decisions and establish and maintain boundaries. Together we'll identify your signals that stress is building and create a plan to help you notice your signs and care for yourself.

I offer an integrated individualized therapeutic plan incorporating both psychodynamic approaches and cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT).  This addresses both practical solutions to the here-and-now problems while understanding the underlying dynamics that fuel those problems. We’ll work together to understand your values and goals and pinpoint your go-to thought patterns and behaviors that may have worked previously but no longer meet your needs.  We’ll build on your existing skills and strengths and develop some new techniques that you can draw on as you continue to strive in your life.