Honolulu, Hawaii

You’ve succeeded at work but it’s coming at a cost.  You’re exhausted trying to get everything “just right” and often feel like you’re failing. Doing too much and spread way, way too thin.

You’re just not feeling “good enough.”

You feel paralyzed or procrastinate. You fear that people will find out that you’re a fraud. You worry about what others are going to think about you, your work, your home and your family.  Social media, your friends or colleagues make it seem like women are doing so much more than you and not struggling at all.

You’d like to just relax.

Perfectionism steals the joy from your work and your life. You’d like to let people-pleasing and over-thinking go and chill.  Take off the “perfect” mask.

How can therapy help?

Through therapy we can learn about where your perfectionism came from and how it's helped you and how it's holding you back.  You can kick that “you’re not good enough” voice out of your head and make yourself a priority. Let's roll up our sleeves and help you build your curiosity and release your judgment.

I offer an integrated individualized therapeutic plan incorporating both  psychodynamic approaches and cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT).  This addresses both practical solutions to the here-and-now problems while understanding the underlying dynamics that fuel those problems. We’ll work together to understand your values and goals and pinpoint your go-to thought patterns and behaviors that may have worked previously but no longer meet your needs.  We’ll build on your existing skills and develop some new techniques that you can draw on as you continue to strive in your life.