Online Therapy

Online or In-person Therapy? How to Find Your Best Fit

Liza Wacker offers therapy both in person and online to address depression and anxiety

Therapy transformed this spring. The traditional therapist’s office changed from the waiting area and the couch-with-Kleenex-therapy-room we all know, to meeting on screen at home. As therapy offices open, you have more choices to start, continue or return to therapy in-person or continue online. Both have advantages. How do you decide? Online care isn’t for…

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How to Prepare for your Online Therapy Session

Take a few minutes prior to your telehealth session to prepare

Online therapy is just one-way telehealth is giving you more options for your physical and emotional care. You may already be speaking to your physician through video conferencing or through a secure clinic portal and know the advantages that video sessions offer. Meeting with your therapist is a lot like using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime…

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