About Dr. Liza

Stress and overwhelm happen. You may not even have realized it was creeping in until there were difficulties with your work productivity, relationships, or your health.

You can do more than just muddle through the everyday. I support smart, motivated women create more calm inside, build greater balance between work and other parts of their lives, and enjoy more connection with family and friends.

Whether you'd like to address a specific issue or want a space to process life as it unfolds, we can craft a therapuetic plan just for you.  Sessions are about unpacking the difficult moments, celebrating the successes and growth and building the skills to be sure your physical and emotional needs are being met.

I’m a clinical psychologist, a mom of two teens, a wife, and business owner.  When I’m not in my office, I'm working on balance too!  Typically this means outdoor adventures with family and friends, hanging from a tree as an aerial performer or coffee and a good book.

I know from my years as a therapist and more so from my own journey managing responsibilities and obligations, that life gets hard and it can feel lonely trying to figure it all out. We’re all doing the best we can and it helps to have a place to share it, get some support and actionable steps to find peace in the chaos.

I am a Hawaii licensed clinical psychologist working in private practice in Kaimuki, Hawaii.  I have 19 years of experience helping women manage depression, anxiety, and disordered eating.  My areas of special interest include addressing perfectionism and supporting women in Hawaii working in the business, legal and medical professions.

I have a bachelor’s degree in education from Loyola University, a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Chaminade University and a doctorate in psychology from American School of Professional Psychology in 2001.  I am licensed in Hawaii (Psy788).

If you'd like to know more about me, my practice and how I can help, please contact me.