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How to Be Unproductive Without Feeling Guilty

Chances are your work has changed with Covid-19 social distancing. You’re working from home or maybe not at all. There is now more space to rest and catch up on Netflix. However, unproductive time can leave you feeling less rested and guilty instead. It may sound like this… “I should be doing (insert task here).”“Lying…

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How to Prepare for your Online Therapy Session

Take a few minutes prior to your telehealth session to prepare

Online therapy is just one-way telehealth is giving you more options for your physical and emotional care. You may already be speaking to your physician through video conferencing or through a secure clinic portal and know the advantages that video sessions offer. Meeting with your therapist is a lot like using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime…

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Mind Tricks Radio Podcast: Perfectionism

I was recently a guest on the Mind Tricks Radio podcast. Dr. Aaron Kaplan and I talked about how perfectionism gets in our way and how to move toward health striving. You can listen to the podcast here. Check out Mind Tricks Radio for other helpful episodes on topics like Highly Sensitive People, unwarranted guilt,…

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