Helping overwhelmed high-achievers find calm, balance and connection

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Everyone around you thinks you have it all together but you feel like it’s all falling apart. You’re stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. You’re pulled in a million different directions with just as many obligations and responsibilities. You’ve tried to find a solution but nothing seems to be working. You may be telling yourself if you were only smart enough, strong enough, just ENOUGH then somehow you could figure all of this out.

Whether you’re experiencing depression or anxiety or having a hard time shutting off that voice that won’t settle for anything less than perfection, I can help. You can feel heard and understood even when you feel like you’re are at your worst.

You will receive actionable steps and skills to address what is getting in the way and create a plan for an easier path.

Dr. Liza Wäcker

I’m Dr. Liza Wäcker, a clinical psychologist

...and I specialize in helping stressed-out, high performing women create calm, balance, and connection.

We can create a plan to address your needs through online therapy.  Check out my specialities to learn more about how we can work together and you can get the help you’re looking for today.